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Offers dedicated Professional CV Writing and Evaluation Services for candidates in India and abroad.

Our Professional CV Writing Services are designed for professionals in any industry with more than 5 years experience.

HR managers and recruiters at top-tier companies get more hundreds of resumes for a single job posting. So all that they have time to do is to spend no more than 15-20 seconds to review your resumes. If they like what they see you are asked to come for an interview. If they don't see what they need, your resume is thrown in the dustbin.

Career Achivers

Can your CV beat 50, 100 or more applicants and get you that all-important job interview or will you just get a rejection letter?
Do you know which skills, experience and achievements employers are looking for and what might cause them to reject your CV?
Do you know what you should include and what you should leave off your CV?

Why use professional CV writing services of Career Achivers?

We know what the employers are looking for and aim to vastly improve your chances of getting that all important interview. Our attention to detail is well known and we pride ourselves in the way that we present the CV, combine style with factual information. Resume Experts personally speak with you to get an understanding of your requirements and career plans before crafting your resume
Our process includes multiple opportunities for feedback to help you get the resume that best showcases your skills .
We believe that every person is unique, and will ensure that your resume reflects you as a unique candidate with recruiters as well .

How it Works ?
How much does a CV Writing Service Charge?
Level CV Writing Price (India) Covering Letter
Resume(0-1) Rs.500/- Rs.300/-
Resume(1-3) Rs.1000/- Rs.300/-
Resume(3-10) Rs.1500/- Rs.300/-
Resume(10-15) Rs.2000/- Rs.300/-
Resume(15+) Rs.2500/- Rs.300/-
How to send the payment to Career Achivers)

Send a cheque/DD payable at New Delhi, In favour of "Career Achivers" (The amount applicable as per the table given above)

The requested service will be initiated, on receipt of payment.

An email /Phone / SMS confirming payment receipt will be sent.
Our experts will contact you if any further clarifications are required.