Terms & Conditions


  • Here, the subscriber that means the customer who is entitled in the Customer Service Agreement Form and has twosome signed it.
  • Services that mean signs to the resume databank and many mentioning jobs and/or any other product or service deliveredby the Company to the Subscriber.
  • Username that specifies username given by the Company to the Subscriber.
  • Password that specifies the password selected to the particular username.
  • Third Party specifies, any individual and other Subscriber who is not involved to this organization/contract.
  • Website/Network specifies the Company's portal website careerachivers.com for offering many Services under this contract.
  • Material Gapspecifiesharm of any terms & condition of the contract by the Subscriber.
  • Pricelist Plan mentions to the facts as stated in the rate card for products, services and packages presented by the Company now and then for offering the Services as an entire part for static and/or flexible charges.

General Terms & Condition:

  • These job placementsthat is not to be replaced with other job postings throughout this term without invitingextra charges. Whatever jobs posted by Subscriber on the website and in excess of the several terms of jobs offered for in this Agreement will be payable to the Subscriber and shall be owed by the Subscriber in agreement with the conditions, at the Company's then usual rate for such job postings on the Website.
  • The Company might, in its onlydecision, levy an interest similar to 17% every month on entirelyunpaid accounts.
  • Some re-activation of a removed or terminated job posting and any new of any job posting establishesusage of an extra job posting hereunder.
  • Website's resume catalog (each a "Resume Database") is a private databank for just usage by Subscriber's only. A Subscriber is explained as unique worker with one distinctive password delivered by the Company. If the Subscriber (comprising its employees or consultants) is originated to share passwords with any third party, the Firm may cancel all passwords immediately and no repayment will be provided.
  • The Subscriber decides to inform the Company punctually after the leaving of any individual to whom a password was given and the Company shall on such warningmatter a new password to the Subscriber. The Company assets the correct to occasionallyalterationdelivered passwords with earliernotification only to acknowledged hierarchy leader for security purpose. Thoughaltered password shall be notified to the Subscriber instantly.
  • The Company shall not repay or provide a credit note or takeextra charges to the Subscriber in the occasion of alteration in the tariff plans which the Company might announce now and again.